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WENDY DENT is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and speaker, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2013-2018), and an independent consultant advising think tanks, NGOs and government on international issues, strategy, film and technology. She is also the founder of Human Rights on Film, the upcoming site 'Comedy on Film', and a social entrepreneur of several new media platforms in development.

Dent’s writing has been published in leading scholarly and trade magazines. Her documentaries, filmed solo across five continents on pressing and diverse social/political/cultural issues, have been acquired by universities and screened at over 40 leading international film festivals around the globe. She has risked torture filming undercover in Zimbabwe, evaded rocket attacks on the sidelines of Gaza and faced threats from the Ku Klux Klan. She upturned the underbelly of the gigolo trade in Bali, introduced the world to Verona’s modern-day ‘Juliets’, and revealed the inspiring side of life in the favelas of Brazil. And she has interviewed some of the most influential people of our time, from activist Richard Gere to Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, the masters of Jazz in New Orleans, and the exiled Cambodian opposition leader.

In 2012-2013, Dent served as Visiting Scholar at University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. She has been a guest-lecturer and guest speaker at numerous universities, including Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, USC and Columbia, and interviewed about the Zimbabwean election on CNN International, with special screenings of 'No News From Harare'. Dent has been a youth delegate representative to Australian parliament, and is the recipient of four international film festival awards, as well as national public speaking and youth achievement awards.

In 2013 Wendy Dent was selected by Queen Rania of Jordan, Professor Klaus Schwab and other world leaders as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in the class of 2013, (together with Will.I.Am as the chosen Los Angeles honorees), giving her a five year team participating in World Economic Forums and related summits. Dent has since attended three World Economic Forums. Together with Japan's Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology she was also a panelist at the World Economic Forum Summer Davos, representing the film industry and speaking on the promise of the creative economy.

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The Industry Intervention is seeking TEAM MEMBERS, ASSISTANTS and INTERNS to help bring our mission to fruition.

Positions are available in;

- Administration
- Advertising
- Fundraising
- Public Relations
- Social media
- Web-design/ Content management
- Technical support
- Event management

Please email us for information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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