How can VFX pipelines be improved?

What's lying ahead, and what will - or should -be soon extinct?

“I think we’re in one of the most exciting times we’ve had... It’s like we’ve been painting with oils for so long, and now someone came along and said ‘Oh, here are some watercolors.”
Disney’s VP of production technology Howard Lukk

Keynote speaker Chris Cookson, speaking at NAB:
“Our job on the technology side is to make the technology disappear, to make applications and interfaces that are so powerful and intuitive that storytellers can focus only on telling their stories.”
Keynote speaker Chris Cookson, speaking at NAB:

Variety reports that Cookson has "predicted a kind of personal “holodeck” virtual reality experience like that envisioned in “Star Trek.” Noting that business models often determine what gets built and what doesn’t, he pointed out that even today there are flight simulators offering a kind of virtual reality. He predicted there will be a business model to support such individual VR experiences as the Oculus Rift."

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Hulu was started as a way for TV networks to distribute their shows on the Internet, and recent events suggest the company’s new executive team and its owners—Disney, Fox and NBCUniversal—still haven’t worked out a clear strategy.

Example/ Research:
Hollywood Questions Hulu as Video Landscape Shifts