Public sector

Can a film change the way a corporate icon does business?
- What initiatives can help films increase civic engagement, and advocacy for social issues to government and business?


What's working, and what's not?

Governor's business director gives thumbs up to film industry (LA Times);

Production subsidies;
The Australian Government is spending millions on subsidies to encourage international film production companies to shoot their movies in Australia. Is it worth it? Brendan Swift argues for more transparency;

How can we prevent grant giving from weakening industries, or corrupting business?

Example/ Case;
There have been "questions about the fiduciary wisdom behind certain Film & TV Unit expenditures"

Should government film funding be used to define national identity and support culture, or does this harm rather than help industries?

"When film production funding was first established in Australia in the mid '70s the expectation was that audiences would automatically flock to our movies. For the early architects of the Australian film industry, what was missing was the opportunity to "tell our own stories". Once told, an audience of ready listeners was expected to miraculously appear. It didn't happen. After 30 years of government production subsidies, we know that the assumption that supply creates its own demand is wrong. Yet this assumption continues to form the basis for government film-funding strategies."