Does Hollywood need a tax break?

Hollywood Begs for a Tax Break in Some States, Including California

EMERGING MODELS for film financing;
What works and what doesn't?

- It's often said it takes an average of 7 years to finance a movie. How can financing be more efficient?
Industry veteran Ted Hope recently quit The San Francisco Film Society, and film producing: "What's happening right now is an inefficiency in the marketplace, and it's coming to light because it's harder to finance independent films than ever before."


Is it helping or hurting the film industry? What best-practices and codes of conduct can improve how the industry finances films by crowd-funding?

"When Zach Braff's Kickstarter-funded "Wish I Was Here" sold big at Sundance and some of the film's backers complained that he had forgotten the little folks who helped the film get made... Aside from some gratitude and whatever backer rewards promised, what do crowdfunding campaigns owe their backers?"

"As well as consuming audiences’ desire to give and commit, the entrance of larger players also has an impact on the attention economy."
"If crowdfunding is becoming largely a pre-sale exercise in some cases, is a norm of pre-paying in this way a bad precedent? Possibly."

What's fair and what's not in the race for Oscar gold?

How can international treaties help co-productions?