- How can we protect the documentary genre from turning into propaganda, branded content, or non-profit marketing? What codes of conduct on conflict of interest and transparency can help keep integrity in content creation?

Example/ Case;

The idea of who has 'written' content is increasingly questioned. Directors and writers both claim authorship over the screen-writing. In documentary, editors are often regarded as the 'writers' of the film. What boundaries? standards can be created for writers, editors and directors to negotiate and receive writing credits?

Example/ Case:

A tweeter about the article 'Nigerian censors delay release of civil war film' posed an important question in just 140 characters; "Objections to the content or do they just want bribe?"
Is corruption a factor in censorship in some countries, and if so, what can be done about it?

Example/ Case:

- The CONTENT 'Casting Couch'?
What is the line between content and connected advertising?

TV "is used as a glorified casting couch and advertising billboard for new productions in what is already the most lucrative form of theatre devised. If these collaborations cannot be more equal, the parties should separate. Television shares some DNA with theatre, but all the commercial and artistic logic suggests that the relatives need to grow apart."


How can national industries such as Hollywood adapt to languages, cultural context and the increase of importance of foreign sales, eg the growing Chinese market?

"With 70% of box office revenues coming from international returns, much of that on tentpole releases... studios’ previews were heavy on special-effects extravaganzas and sequels, product that plays strongly overseas."

Example/ Case;
Exhibition Business Confronts a World of Change (Variety);

What works and what doesn't?

Lucrative Stardom in China, Using a Webcam and a Voice;

- Should films be edited for different versions for different exhibitions/ screen sizes, and different markets?

Ron Howard "hates it when people watch his movies on smartphones. "I was on a plane, three people watching 'Rush.' Isn't that great? Yeah, three people all at once. I went to the bathroom and I saw they were all watching it. And I noticed that no one was actually looking at the screen. And then one of them was just fast-forwarding and just stopping every so often just to get an idea of what happened next. And I said, 'That son of a bitch is gonna claim he saw the movie!' So yeah, I was having to hold myself back."