'The Industry Intervention' will bring together the key stake-holders and decision-makers in the media, arts, technology and entertainment industry, for a summit about the cross-sectoral 'pain points' which affect us all, for a town-hall style meeting covering issues such as:

- copyright & piracy: are new models of copyright and royalty payments needed in the age of 'sharing', or can technology solve the copyright conundrum?

- pay- walls; as our audiences move online, should we add pay-walls, and if so- how can they be effectively implemented?

- labor; creative artists are being increasingly asked- and expected- to work purely for "exposure" and experience, after even a decade of experience. What 'fair trade' standards and boundaries can be established to stop the exploitation of creativity?

- crowd-funding; is the new era of crowd-sourcing helping or hurting the industry and its artists?

- the gender gap; Other industries are light-years ahead in closing the gender gap, and discussions have emerged from the World Economic Forum about 50-50 gender quotas being mandated - and perhaps even legislated- for board and panel representations. Is our industry making enough progress on these issues, or are mandated quotas the only solution?

VIPs of the industry will be invited to attend to represent writers, directors, actors, producers, broadcasters, studios, entertainment lawyers, journalists, publishers, technology entrepreneurs, non-profits, government, academia, social media mavericks and more.

Attendees will be invited to suggest topics for discussion, creating an important avenue for discussion about the issues facing us all - and an unprecedented opportunity for networking, with the aim of collaborating for the greater good of our industry


The Industry Intervention may include;

Delegates will be able to contribute comments and ideas, with their identity and organisation remaining anonymous if they wish, so that everyone can contribute frankly and candidly.
Debates and dialogue will focus on research, or suggested action points and initiatives contributed by delegates.

'Briefings' will feature selected delegates discussing the pain points and issues they are facing in their field/ organisation. Delegates can then discuss the issues raised in an online dialogue.

Delegates will be able to post 'TED talk' style pitches on initiatives and new models they suggest to the industry.

Delegates will come together at a physical and virtual summit to collaborate and select initiatives they agree take forward into the industry with "2020 vision": goals should be achieved in stages within a maximum 5 year timeframe.

Delegates will be admitted on agreement that they will contribute to the summit with the goal of finding ways to strengthen the industry as a whole (to "enlargen the pie") rather than attending to lobbying for their own agenda or professional interests.

A professional conflict resolution specialist/mediator will be able to moderate on issues, to help move organisations with competing interests towards solutions for the benefit of the greater industry -
eg Dean Iris Bohnet of the Harvard Kennedy School: "Here are 63 things you can do to close the gender gap. Pick 3".