Ask not what your industry can do for you. Ask what you can do for your industry.

We're counting expressions of interest from industry leaders and pioneers who've let us know they're interested to be involved in an inaugural Industry Intervention. We aimed for a tipping point of 50 key industry leaders interested to take part. We're already there- with over 100 leaders, from 30 countries, across 5 continents: including a major studio, major industry guild as well as several leading film festivals, distributors, advocacy organisations, professors from two of the world's top film schools, and a film star/ Cannes Jury member. Next step: to launch the Industry intervention.

Why an intervention?

SPIKE LEE: "It's difficult for everybody. It's not just me. Why did Soderbergh say he's not doing Hollywood films anymore? He's just going to do cable. It's not just me or people of color. This is industry wide. Why did the two fathers of the blockbuster, Spielberg and Lucas, bemoan this tent-pole theory saying the Hollywood industry is going to collapse upon itself? Those are the two guys that built the blockbuster with Jaws and Star Wars and they're saying it. So it's not about me. What we're talking about is the industry. It's not about Spike versus Hollywood.


Industry Intervention briefing & forum on threats to digital security and freedom of expression

As a response to the hacks and threats against Sony, we are holding an industry intervention forum on digital security and threats to freedom of expression, on Saturday 28 February 2015, given the hacks are continuing and may be copy-catted, and we are now witnessing violent attacks on freedom of expression with the Charlie Hedbo incident.

As Ted Hope wrote on his 'Hope for Film' blog, "the Sony hacks brought some necessary issues into focus, but most importantly that we don't know how to respond to such things".